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Die Nacht mein Freund - Serum 114 CD

Die Nacht mein Freund Serum 114CD

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Serum 114
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GenereGerman Rock
EdizioneLimited Edition
Formato mediaCD & EP-CD
Disponibile da 05.08.2016
Codice articolo335754

Released in a limited media book (with bonus track) including a bonus EP with 5 tracks!

2016 is the anniversary year of Serum 114 and it will be celebrated with the new album "Die Nacht mein Freund". Raging through the night, blinking through the day, more alive than ever! Of course even after a decade, still the good old grandfather punk rock is directing the orchestra with his raging baton. Already the title track 'Die Nacht mein Freund' won't allow the slightest of doubt about this. Hooks are drilling directly into your ears like pointed wooden stakes. Guitar walls will protect you against harsh sun rays. A little pogo dance with Count Dracula. Cheers mate. You take blood, we take beer. Let's go! Serum 114 are exciting the listeners from the first second on and take them on a wild ride through the night, in the day. In all these years Serum 114 have preserved the most important thing: Call it deviancy, call it rebellion or is it still punk rock? They don't care: it is all authentic. The instructions for success are torn and thrown away. With "Die Nacht mein Freund" Serum 114 are rather continuing to rock the clubs of the country all by their own, just as hell-like as they've been ten years ago. Happy birthday!


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