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Live...auf rauen Pfaden - ASP CD

Live...auf rauen Pfaden ASPCD

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GenereGothic Rock
EdizioneLimited Edition
Formato media4-CD
ConfezioneBox Set, Jewelcase
Disponibile da 04.11.2016
Codice articolo343228

This version comes as an opulent hardcover book (approx. 19.5 x 14.3 cm) with some previously unpublished photos, 32 pages of artwork, exclusive lyrics from the anniversary editions and a hand numbered certificate! But watch out, this book is limited to 7,000 copies!

ASP’s ‘Live...auf rauen Pfaden’ is an unparalleled live box collection! Fans in ten selected German cities enjoyed two consecutive days of a live set with the best hits of the band’s career! This unique event is now available as a 4-CD book! Included is the semi acoustic set ‘Rar & Pure’ along with the complete, sweltering ‘Best of Rock’ concert. Thanks to the unbelievably little overlap, this set contains 40 songs that present the band in absolute perfection!


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