Wieder E.I.N.S. - Böhse Onkelz T-Shirt

Wieder E.I.N.S. Böhse OnkelzT-Shirt

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Böhse Onkelz
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Arrivo dell'ordine:  Previsto tra Giovedì, 24.08.2017 & Venerdì, 25.08.2017

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Materiale esterno100% cotone
TemaBand merch, Band
GenereGerman Rock
Disponibile da 12.12.2016
Codice articolo347071

The re-establishment of the Böhse Onkelz in 2014 inspired their loyal fans and shocked their critics. The hooligans around Stephan Weidner made it quite clear that they are one of the best-known German rock bands in the world: with music as straightforward and concerts just as thrilling as ever. This t-shirt shows skeletons in matte white and red next to the most important words: "Wieder E.I.N.S” (together again).


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