Tiefenrausch - Nachtgeschrei CD

Tiefenrausch NachtgeschreiCD

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GenereFolk Rock
Formato mediaCD
Disponibile da 03.03.2017
Codice articolo349915

The music of Nachtgeschrei is like an addiction; once you start listening, it will never let go of you. With 'Tiefenrausch', the Hessians' newest album, their path continues and the shackles of the melodies pull stronger than ever. Laui Weser, newly acquired in 2015, is like a cure, a fresh wind. This medieval/folk work blows the dust from the bagpipes and tunes up the hurdy-gurdy. Following the last album, which was focused on synthesisers and orchestration, 'Tiefenrausch' pushed further boundaries. Those who love Versengold, Salatio Mortis and the like will also want to listen to this!


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