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Codice articolo 445981
Sesso Unisex
Genere Musicale Symphonic Metal
Media - Formato 1-3 2-LP
Tema Band
Band Within Temptation
Tipologia prodotto LP
Data di pubblicazione 24/05/2019
LP 1
1. The Howling 2. What Have You Done (Feat. Keith Caputo) 3. Frozen 4. Our Solemn Hour 5. The Heart Of Everything 6. Hand Of Sorrow 7. The Cross 8. Final Destination
LP 2
1. All I Need 2. The Truth Beneath The Rose 3. Forgiven 4. What Have You Done (Feat. Keith Caputo) (Rock Mix) 5. Ice Queen (Acoustic) 6. Stand My Ground (Acoustic) 7. What Have You Done (Acoustic)