An acoustic evening at the Vienna Opera House

An acoustic evening at the Vienna Opera House

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Arrivo dell'ordine circa: 29 gennaio 2021 - 1 febbraio 2021

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L'album di Joe Bonamassa "An accoustic evening at the Vienna Opera House".

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Codice articolo 255204
Genere Musicale Blues-Rock
Esclusiva EMP No
Media - Formato 1-3 Disco Blu-Ray
Tema Band
Band Joe Bonamassa
Tipologia prodotto Blu-Ray
Interpreti Joe Bonamassa
Data di pubblicazione 22/03/2013
Genere Unisex
1. Arrival 2. Palm trees, helicopters and gasoline 3. Jelly roll 4. Dust bowl 5. Around the bend 6. Slow train 7. Athens to Athens 8. From the valley 9. The ballad of John Henry 10. Dislocated boy 11. Driving towards the daylight 12. High water everywhere 13. Jockey full of Bourbon 14. Richmond 15. Stones in my passway 16. Ball peen hammer 17. Black lung heartache 18. Mountain time 19. Woke up dreaming 20. Sloe Gin 21. Seagull 22. Goodnight Vienna (Credits) 23. On the road "The making of..." 24. An acoustic evening "Voices"