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Codice articolo 219525
Sesso Unisex
Genere Musicale Hard Rock
Esclusiva EMP No
Media - Formato 1-3 DVD
Tema Band
Band Queen
Tipologia prodotto DVD
Interpreti Queen
Data di pubblicazione 25/11/2011
Il documentario creato nel corso del 40° anniversario della band "Days Of Our Lives" era rimato inedito. Tra il materiale bonus contiene scene aggiuntive, che non sono incluse nel documentario originale. SU DVD.
1. One Vision - Live At Wembley '86/ Doing Alright/ April Lady 2. Big Spender/ Liar/ Keep Yourself Alive/ The March Of The Black Queen 3. Seven Seas Of Rhye/ Now I'm Here 4. Killer Queen/ Death On Two Legs 5. Bohemian Rhapsody 6. Ogre Battle/ Somebody To Love/ You Take My Breath Away 7. God Save The Queen/ The Millionaire Waltz/ Fight From The Inside/ Sheer Heart Attack/ Get Down Make Love 8. We Will Rock You/ We Are The Champions/ Spread Your Wings 9. Intro To "Tie Your Mother Down"/ We Will Rock You/ Love Of My Life/ Bicycle Race 10. Fat Bottomed Girls/ Don't Stop Me Now 11. Crazy Little Thing Called Love/ Another One Bites The Dust 12. Another One Bites The Dust/ We Are The Champions 13. Was It All Worth It? 14. Flash's Theme/ Ming's Theme/ Tie Your Mother Down/ E O Vocal Improv 15. Las Palabras De Amor/ Under Pressure 16. In The Death Cell/ Back Chat/ Body Language 17. Man On Fire/ Star Fleet/ Man On The Prowl/ Machines (Or Back To Humans)/ I Want To Break Free/ Radio Ga Ga 18. I Want To Break Free 19. Living On My Own/ Is This The World We Created?/ Hammer To Fall/ Rockin' All Over The World 20. Hammer To Fall/ We Are The Champions/ One Vision 21. One Vision/ God Save The Queen/ The Miracle 22. Scandal/ I'm Going Slightly Mad/ These Are The Days Of Our Lives 23. These Are The Days Of Our Lives/ Mother Love/ Bijou 24. Bijou/ Somebody To Love/ The Show Must Go On 25. The Show Must Go On/ A Kind Of Magic/ E O Vocal Improv 26. Seven Seas Of Rhye (Live On BBC Top Of The Pops / 1974) 27. Killer Queen (Live On BBC Top Of The Pops / 1974 / Shorter Version) 28. Somebody To Love (Alternate Version) 29. We Are The Champions (Alternate Take) 30. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Alternate Take) 31. Under Pressure (Alternate Take) 32. Radio Ga Ga (Alternate Take) 33. From Magic To Miracle 1986-1989 34. Going Slightly Mad: The Making Of Innuendo 1990-91 35. Made In Heaven 1995