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Codice articolo 390109
Sesso Unisex
Genere Musicale Alternative/Indie
Media - Formato 1-3 3 CD & Blu-ray
Tema Band
Band Jimi Hendrix Experience
Tipologia prodotto CD
Data di pubblicazione 09/11/2018
Disc 1
1. ...And the gods made love 2. Have you ever been (to Electric Ladyland) 3. Crosstown traffic 4. Voodoo Chile 5. Little Miss Strange 6. Long hot summer night 7. Come on (Let the good times roll) 8. Gypsy eyes 9. Burning of the midnight lamp 10. Rainy day, dream away 11. 1983... (A merman should I turn to be) 12. Moon, turn the tides... gently gently away 13. Still raining, still dreaming 14. House burning down 15. All along the watchtower 16. Voodoo child (Slight return)
Disc 2
1. 1983... (A merman should I turn to be) 2. Angel 3. Cherokee mist 4. Hear my train a comin' 5. Voodoo Chile 6. Gypsy eyes 7. Somewhere 8. Long hot summer night (Demo 1) 9. Long hot summer night (Demo 3) 10. Long hot summer night (Demo 4) 11. Snowballs at my window 12. My friend 13. And the gods made love (At last... the beginning) 14. Angel Caterina 15. Little Miss Strange 16. Long hot summer night (Take 1) 17. Long hot summer night (Take 14) 18. Rainy day, dream away 19. Rainy day shuffle 20. 1983... (A merman should I turn to be)
Disc 3
1. Introduction (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 2. Are you experienced? (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 3. Voodoo child (Slight return) (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 4. Red house (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 5. Foxey lady (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 6. Fire (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 7. Hey Joe (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 8. Sunshine of your love (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 9. I don't live today (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 10. Little wing (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 11. Star spangled banner (Live At The Hollywood Bowl) 12. Purple haze (Live At The Hollywood Bowl)
Disc 4
1. Original Electric Ladyland stereo mixes: High resolution audio 2. 5.1 surround sound mixes: High resolution audio 3. At last... the beginning: The making of Electric Ladyland