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Betontod will release their upcoming album 'Pace per sempre'. The CD edition comes in a Digipak.

Originally, Betontod had planned a big Tour last year to celebrate their 30th anniversary together with their fans. However, instead of rocking the halls of the Republic, the quintet had to find other ways to channel the pent-up energy caused by the Corona pandemic. This power, which Betontod has now captured on their 11th studio album. On their brand new longplayer, the band led by frontman Oliver 'Meister' Meister presents an assessment of the world in 2021, accompanied by a clear statement: 'Pace Per Sempre' - Peace forever! 'Regenbogen' is now released as the first pre-release track.

In the past three decades, the Lower Rhine quintet has become one of the most important voices within the German-speaking rock scene with their explosive mix of German punk, rock, and metal. Betontod have each reached the top 10 of the German longplay charts with their last four studio albums and have been seen at various sold-out headlining Tours on all major German festivals, including Wacken Open Air, With Full Force Festival, Summerbreeze Open Air, and the Full Metal Cruise.

Founded in 1990, the year of German reunification, in response to a healthy anti-attitude towards the state and society, Betontod has not lost any of their relevance to this day. On the contrary: it has never felt like there are more fronts to fight and take a clear position on than today. Homophobia, racism, radicalism, child abuse by religious institutions, conspiracy theories, corruption, environmental destruction. A black list that could go on endlessly. Ducking and shutting up has never been an option. At least not for a band like Betontod. Viva la counter-culture!

Betontod has always seen themselves as critical chroniclers of their time. As a loud street punk mirror of society, who did not neglect celebrating and having a good time despite their commitment. On 'Pace per sempre', the quintet welds both poles together into a watertight unit. Just like on the first pre-release single 'Regenbogen', the quasi-title track of the album: 'Behind the water cannons, I see the rainbow' - a chorus like a loving slap in the face, in which Betontod continues the leitmotif of their 2015 album 'Traum von Freiheit'. 'Seeing armored water cannons in front of the Reichstag again is a truly disturbing image,' comments guitarist and co-songwriter Frank Vohwinkel.

'It is becoming increasingly difficult today to distinguish between truth and lies. That's why we deliberately kept the lyrics open to interpretation. The most important thing is not to let ourselves be further divided by any populists from various camps, but to stand together on one side. This album is a declaration of war against all those who oppose an open and diverse society,' as the cover artwork in rainbow colors also illustrates. And of course, an unequivocal pointer towards the usual suspects from the right-wing rock scene, with whom Betontod mistakenly became associated with in the past.

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Codice articolo 510401
Genere Musicale Punk Rock
Media - Formato 1-3 CD
Tema Band
Band Betontod
Tipologia prodotto CD
Data di pubblicazione 29/10/2021
Genere Unisex

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    Pech & Schwefel
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    Jogginghose forever
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    Der nackte Kaiser
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    Wirklich wichtig
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    Wir feiern dich
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    Bist du da?
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    Schatten und Licht
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