Morbidity triumphant | CD | Autopsy

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The long-awaited return of US death metal pioneers.
Since the influential US quartet shook up the death metal scene in 1989 with the now-classic album 'Severed Survival' and followed it up with the equally revered 'Mental Funeral', they have earned an unwavering reputation as masters and advocates of the heinous aspects of the extreme metal spectrum over three decades. Now, Autopsy returns with new vigor and presents 'Morbidity Triumphant', their first new studio album since 2014's 'Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves'. A brutal death album that shows that the US legends still have an insatiable hunger for the sadistic and never hesitate to push the boundaries of decency.

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Codice articolo 539054
Genere Musicale Death Metal
Media - Formato 1-3 CD
Tema Band
Band Autopsy
Tipologia prodotto CD
Data di pubblicazione 30/09/2022
Genere Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    Stab The Brain
  • 2.
    Final Frost
  • 3.
    The Voracious One
  • 4.
    Born In Blood
  • 5.
    Flesh Strewn Temple
  • 6.
    Tapestry Of Scars
  • 7.
    Knife Slice, Axe Chop
  • 8.
    Skin By Skin
  • 9.
    Maggots In The Mirror
  • 10.
    Slaughterer Of Souls
  • 11.
    Your Eyes Will Turn To Dust

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